“I Whipped Devil’s Ass” – Juliet Mgborukwe’s Ex-Husband Chima Ojukwu Mocks Her Following Their Divorce

Chima Ojukwu, the estranged husband of Juliet Migborukwe, has taken to Instagram to mock her after their divorce was finalized.

Chima Ojukwu and Juliet Mgborukwe
Chima Ojukwu and Juliet Mgborukwe

The duo, who got married in October 2011, separated in 2012, just a few months after their wedding ceremony over ”irreconcilable differences”.

However, the couple decided to give their marriage a second chance and this made the actress move to America to start afresh with her estranged husband in 2014.

In 2015, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy and in 2017 they welcomed the second child, a baby girl.

Unfortunately, in 2018, they fought dirty on Instagram and Juliet announced plans to divorce her husband Chima Ojukwu over domestic violence

Ojukwu wrote;

“The face you make when you get to pay 22 dollars in child support for two kids and your real and only ex wife is getting ready to take you off child support for your first child, DON CHIMAINO takes care of his kids no need for child support, he has them 50 50 so no free rides for that ass, ya gats to work ya ass off too also the face you make when someone begs to keep your last name after they didn’t get a dime and couldn’t move the babies out of state, awww poracita bwahahaha …now I own people like George Washington owned slaves back in the day with his name attached to them bwahahaha, DON CHIMAINO never takes an L . foh church rat …people that talk about the past are the ones full of regrets, God you know I kept my hands clean and you worked for me, thank you Jesus, dearest future wifey get your shit together cause I still believe in the institute of marriage but until then let me party it up a little cause I whipped the devil’s ass”

See the post below:

"I whipped the devil?s ass" Juliet Mgborukwe



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