“I’m Ready To Break Some Toes” — Seyi Makinde

Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde
Oyo State Governor, Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde

Seyi Makinde, Oyo state governor says he would “break some toes” if that’s what it would take to serve the ordinary people of the state.

Governor Makinde made this known while speaking at the thanksgiving service to mark his 52nd birthday.

The governor added that he is on the side of the ordinary people.

In a statement signed by Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Taiwo Adisa, the governor said he had the ordinary people in mind when he declared free and qualitative education in the state.

Makinde said: “If I can be who I am today, then no child should be left behind in Oyo State. And that explains my passion for education. Once we give education to our children, the sky is their starting point.”

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He pointed also that he never thought he would live up to 30 and therefore has remained grateful to God every year he has lived beyond 30 years on earth.

“I thought I would join the Army, fight for my country and possibly get killed and that may be the end of the story. So for me, every year I have lived above 30 years is like a bonus,” he said.

“That is why without looking back, I will continue to serve the people of Oyo State, without minding whose toe I will step on. Truth is, I will break some toes if I really have to and will continue to fight for the ordinary people of this state.”