Joro Olumofin To Ladies: If He Does Not pick His Calls After 10pm, He Is Married


Joro Olumofin
Nigerian Relationship Specialist, Joro Olumofin

Relationship blogger Joro Olumofin has taken to social media to share 20 tips everyone should watch out for this December.

The blogger also revealed how a woman can know if she is dating a married man.

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In his words;


20 idiosyncrasies to watch out for this DETTY December. By Joro Olumofin
1️⃣Ladies, If he doesn’t pick his phone past 10pm he’s probably married with 4 bouncing babies
2️⃣Fellas, don’t send a lady ticket money to come to your location. Buy the ticket yourself online. If she doesn’t come at least you didn’t give her transport fare to see another guy.
3️⃣Ladies, if a guy has used more than 5 cars to come take you out and he drove he is borrowing cars from his friends
4️⃣Fellas, beware of ladies coming in from the UK, US, Australia, Canada you’re not the only one they are talking to. Make sure they see you after a week when they arrive so they would have chopped other guys money instead of yours
5️⃣Ladies, If your boyfriend is trying to pick a fight with you this Christmas kill him with kindness because he wants to have an excuse to say we were fighting in December that’s why I slept with her
6️⃣Fellas, Please disregard all Snapchat filter, professional picture editing. Video call is the way to see if she’s really your spec
7️⃣Ladies, when you go to a guys house before you remove your shoes and feel comfortable, Check under his bed, cupboard, back of his curtain for juju
8️⃣Fellas, if she has VIP ticket for every concert this December my brother she’s your Elder ,tread carefully
9️⃣Ladies, If he invites you to sleep over at his place and you’re not ready for sex. Please don’t go. Not all guys have control. 🔟Fellas, If she follows you out on a date without makeup she’s bae. Leave those other girls for her.”