Jumbo Pay For Former Governors Stays: Lagos Assembly


Lagos State House of Assembly

The Lagos state house of assembly has said that it will not abolish the state’s pension law permitting ex-governors and other public office holders to receive juicy pensions from state coffers.

Tunde Braimoh, chairman, house committee on information and strategy, told NAN in an interview that Lagos assembly will not copy Zamfara assembly which recently repealed pension law for its former governors.

Braimoh faulted the court ruling that ordered Abubakar Malami, attorney-general to take immediate legal action towards the abolishment of state laws that permit “former governors to enjoy governors’ emoluments while drawing normal salaries and allowances in their new political offices.”

It will be recalled that the federal high court in Lagos had ordered the federal government to recover pensions collected by former governors now serving as ministers and members of the national assembly.

Speaking with NAN, Braimoh said that as long as the law did not contravene the constitution, state assemblies had the right to make laws for the benefit of the society in which they operate.

He noted also that separation of powers as enshrined in the constitution makes it possible for the legislature to make laws, the executive to implement and the judiciary to interpret the laws.

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“The Supreme Court had made it clear several times that no arm of government can repeal the constitutional provisions of another arm of government,” he said.

“Therefore, legislators make laws that are in tune with the yearnings and dynamics of their society.

“Until another legislature comes to alter, review or amend the law, the law is meant to be obeyed.

“The judiciary cannot pronounce that law by the state is unconstitutional unless such state law is contradictory to the constitution.”

He stated also that no law in the country restricted state assemblies from making laws for the provision of welfare package of former governors and public office holders.