Man Arrested For Beheading Woman And Eating Her Brain With Rice

Lady Arrested For Beating Sister To Death
Unidentified person cuffed behind back

A man in the Philippines has been arrested for allegedly beheading a woman and eating her brain.

The suspect, Lloyd Bagtong, 21, was arrested Thursday on the island of Mindanao after partially clothed remains of the deceased were found around two and a half miles from his home.

According to reports, the suspect was said to have told police that he was drunk and hungry when the woman tried to speak to him in the early morning in English, which he didn’t understand.

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‘This probably irritated [Bagtong],’ Captain Maribeth Ramoga told the Straits Times.

Witnesses said they saw Bagtong, who is unemployed, walking with the woman close to the spot where her body was found.

Witnesses say the suspect that Bagtong murdered the woman using a large machete that was found tucked into his waistband, then used a piece of cloth to carry the head back to his home.

Bagtong allegedly told police that he cooked some rice before putting the woman’s brains on top and eating them.
He then threw her skull in a hole close to his house.

Officers say the woman’s body was found topless, wearing only jeans on her lower body, and with her hands tied.

The suspect said to be in police custody, has been reportedly sent for psychiatric evaluation.