Nigerian Lady Shares Her Inspiring Story Of Coming From Nothing To Owning Houses In US, Canada

Dr Olubamiji
Dr Olubamiji

A Nigerian lady, Dr Olubamiji, has taken to her IG page to share her inspiring story.

According to her, she went from living in a tiny apartment in Lagos to owning a house in the US and Canada.

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”God Saved the Best For Last In This Decade – 2019, You Blew My Mind. #Read#Share and #Celebrate With Me #HomeOwner #YourFavoriteScientistIsEngaged #34WasAGoal #YearOfYes #LongPost

“I really wanted to buy a property in 2018 but I moved to the US, started a new job and focused on paying off my 50K debt. I tagged 2019, my year to DECODE 10X and I was on a mission to TAKE UP SPACE, EXPAND and BUILD on what was started in 2018 (Solving for X). .

“Goal #1 for decoding 10X was **buying an investment property in Canada.** Building on the strategies learned last year on how to pay off your loans, I started learning about wealth creation, cash flow, retirement plans (RRSP, 401K, IRA), stock market and so on. Also, I found a real estate coach and accountability partner. My multi-buildings owner real estate mogul friend Debby provided eye-opening real estate lessons and the first quarter, she reported that she bought her first home for the year. So, I knew I needed to buckle up. Lastly, my accountant friend, Funke, sent me a yearly intentional budgeting and planning excel sheet that enabled me plan my money and see how I am spending. Game on!”

Dr Olubamiji
Dr Olubamiji


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