OAP Kemi Smallz Schools Troll Who tried To Body Shame Her

Kemi Smallz
Kemi Smallz

OAP Kemi Smallz has wasted no time in putting a troll in his place after the latter tried to body shame her.

Kemi had shared a beautiful new photo of herself on her page and in no time irked the troll. The photo saw Kemi posing with her shirt slightly opened and exposing her cleavage.

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Wasting no time the troll asked Kemi if she intentionally enjoys unbuttoning her shirt to show her ‘fallen breasts.’

Kemi responded immediately saying:

Yes, I Deliberately, wilfully, purposefully, consciously, intentionally did . I have the perkiest titties my darling but then again, so the fuck what if they are fallen?’


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