Omokri Hails CJN Tanko’s Call For Inclusion Of Sharia Into Nigeria’s Constitution

Reno Omokri, popular social media activist has commended the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Tanko Muhammad over the call for Sharia to be included in the constitution of Nigeria.

Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri

The CJN’s call for the inclusion of Sharia provisions has led to widespread criticism from different quarters in the country.

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Reacting to this controversial call, the popular activist in a satirical way pointed out that the inclusion of sharia laws in the constitution is what Nigeria deserves considering that the heads of the executive, legislature and judiciary arms of Nigeria are Muslim men from the North.

See his post below:


  1. true as it maybe, but been Muslim men from the north shows inequality in quota structure of administration that should have duely represented all geopolitical zones. critical decisions like that if in interest of Nigeria as a whole should be subject to public opinion or better directed to christians as Muslims will gladly welcome the matter. what if it were all christian men from the south occupying those positions, would it not be appropriate to bear in mind our Muslim brothers when making this decisions. Remember, nothing last forever. my fear for the north is that this game they think they know how to play so well will not boomerang thus plunging Fulani people into hardship.

  2. please is Nigeria s Banana Republic? Buhari appointed a man who did Islamic Law as a CJN.Is Nigeria an Islamic Nation? A man who cannot speak good English as a Law Officer.Nigerians watched his appearance at the Senate, please why this Man was confirmed in the first place? This Man have taken us backward and we’re now a laughing Nation.


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