Sowore: Presidency Replies US Senator Menedez

Omoyele Sowore in the court room
Omoyele Sowore in the courtroom

The presidency has finally replied Senator Menedez, the USA lawmaker who addressed a world conference following the re-arrest of Sowore by operatives of DSS.

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According to Lauretta Onochie, the presidential aide on social media, who spoke via her Twitter handle, she stated that she is very sure that the US lawmaker has been misinformed over the arrest of the revolutionist.

She wrote:

1. Dear SenatorMenendez

I personally believe you were misinformed that the arrest of Sowore is because he’s an outspoken journalist Far from it Did you know that Sowore: A. is a Nigerian politician. B. is the Leader of a political party. C. ran as a presidential candidate…

2. 4. Sowore threatened to remove a democratically elected government after he failed at the polls. 5. Sowore threatened to annihilate the DSS, the equivalent of America’s FBI. You would agree that no citizen has the right to threatens Nigeria. Nigeria is a sovereign nation.


  1. She spoke my mind, there ethical standards guiding every “freedom” and there’s no sovereign nation out there that would allow an individual to incite her citizens to embark on civil disobedience.
    There should be a limit to free press otherwise nations would wake up one day to see the streets taken over gullible youths who are ready to burn down and loot people’s sweats just because some paper tigers activist incited them through the instrumentality of the social media.
    Since he was in the ballot in the last election, he should work harder to make his party sellable and alternative platform to win presidential elections in the foreseeable future, rather than embark on vain populist voyage that leads nowhere.