The 8 Commandments Of Sim Card Care

If you have a mobile phone, chances are high that you have at least 1 Sim card and so this article is a must-read for you.

It is important to note that your Sim card is a living entity and must be treated with care for it to stay alive.

    a. Reduce the number of times you pull your Sim card in and out of your phone.

    b. Don’t cut your Sim card. If you need to resize, get a professional.

    c. Take care when removing your Sim card from your phone.

    d. Keep your Sim card in a safe place when it is out of the phone.

    e. Do not touch the portion that has the chips- hold the chip from the edge.

    f. Keep the Sim card away from magnets 

    g. Store in a proper container, in case you have to keep it outside of the cell phone.

h. Avoid putting it under direct heat.

With these care tips, you are guaranteed to have your Sim card live a very healthy long life.