The History of Football

The history of football officially begins in England. Here this game moved from the amateur level to the professional one. Since Britain is the birthplace of the oldest professional club, the football association, and the first football rules, it makes sense to start talking about the world’s most popular team sport from the moment it appeared in this country. With the development of football, people began to predict the outcome of matches of their favorite teams.

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The Origin of English Football

The first mentions of football in Britain date back to 1170. Apparently, this game wasn’t much like modern football back then. Initially, it was a teamwork-oriented game with a ball (or something similar to a ball), in which anyone could take part. Meanwhile, the first football teams began to appear only in the 17th century.

English football started being actively developed only in the middle of the 19th century. Prior to this, throughout the Middle Ages, Britain had thousands of amateur teams that played in accordance with their own rules. There were several milestones in football history that demonstrated a clear eagerness among the English people for improving the game:

  • In 1846, the first football rules were formulated; they were called the Cambridge Rules;
  • In 1857, the world’s first football club Sheffield was founded;
  • In 1859, the Sheffield Rules were created;
  • In 1863, eleven football clubs held a meeting and formed the first Football Association (FA);
  • In 1877, the FA rules were merged with the Sheffield Rules, to form unified regulation of football.

Looking at all these events, we can understand why the appearance of football is a nationally important event in the UK. Currently, there are about 40,000 football clubs in England, more than anywhere else in the world. And it is unlikely that other countries will ever be able to break this record.


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