Toni Tones Warns Follower Who Encourages Her To Smile More

Toni Tones
Actress Toni Tones

Popular Nollywood actress, Toni Tones has slammed a follower who encouraged her to smile in her pictures.

The actress shared lovely photos of herself and a follower told her she would look irresistible if she smiled more.

Replying to her photo, the fan said: “Nice pics but can you please for once smile happiness is allowed ND when you smile no one can resist,” the follower commented on Toni’s photos.

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In reply, Toni warned: “I’ll block you if you ever tell me to smile again. I have resting bitch face, get over it. I’ll smile only when I bloody well feel like it. I do not have to smile for you. If you don’t like it jump and pass and don’t come here and tell me nonsense.”

See Photo Here:

Toni Tones
Between the actress and the fan



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