Western Names Are More Likely To Be Ungodly – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has again taken to social media to share his thoughts on names and their meanings.

Omokri went on to laud those who prefer giving their kids western names, saying those names are more likely to be ungodly than African names, advising that people stick with giving their kids African names.

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“Dear African,
Have you ever seen a White man bearing African names? Or an Arab bearing a sub Saharan name? They will NEVER do that. So, why bear European and Arabic names? You don’t have to bear European or Arabic names to be a Christian or a Muslim. Bear your African name. Be more intelligent than to think all African names have juju origin. Do you know the origin of common Western names? Take a make like Diana: It is the name of a demon goddess. @Google it. Western names are more likely to be of ungodly or questionable origins than African names. I have 5 names. Each of them, including Reno, is an Itsekiri name. Wear your African name with pride!”