Wike Having Oil Wars With Every State Around Him: Dickson

Governor Dickson
Bayelsa Governor Dicksonm

Bayelsa State governor, Seriake Dickson has accused the governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike of deliberately trying to spark disunity in Ijaw land because of political agenda.

The dispute among the two governors is over the age-long dispute between the two states over oil fields/wells (Soku, Rivers and Oluasiri, Bayelsa).

“I want it recorded that Governor Wike is deliberately inciting disunity in Ijaw land because of his ethnic supremacist political agenda which he knows that Bayelsa, particularly Governor Dickson and my agenda will not support. That’s what he is doing.”

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“The governor of our neighbouring state, Governor Wike of Rivers State, who by the way is used to making careless remarks from time to time, went into his usual habit some few days ago. Let me put it on record, this is the first time I will formally respond to Wike in this formal way. I have always ignored with pain and regret all the previous vituperation and his attempt to belittle and intimidate this state and our leadership.

“His unfriendliness towards this state is not hidden. It is not just me, it is about our state and our people, he has done that a couple of times but I decided to stomach it for several reasons. Also, my involvement in the affairs of the Niger Delta and my commitment to the well-being of our people, made me to always shy away from having open confrontations with a brother governor, particularly of his state that is so closely tied to our state.

“Wike should stop interfering with the politics of Bayelsa State, you all know what he did in the PDP primaries and the roles he played supporting the APC in their federal takeover of our state, there are so many things he has been doing that I keep quiet about.

“Wike should learn to respect his colleagues for whom he has shown scant regards, not just for me, and Bayelsa. He is having oil wars with every state around him, with Imo and Akwa Ibom states. What is wrong with him?” Dickson added.


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