Your Boyfriend’s Friends Don’t Have Your Back, Pretty Mike Tells Ladies

Pretty Mike
Socialite Pretty Mike

Lagos socialite Pretty Mike has taken to his IG page to advice women.

According to Pretty Mike, women need to understand that their boyfriend friends are not their own friends as these friends are first loyal to their friend.

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According to Mike, these friends will aid their friends to cheat and still act like they care about the girlfriend their own guy introduced to them.

“Ladies, Your Guy’s Homeboys are not your Friends…Their Loyalty is to him, NoT You..They would fully watch ur guy Cheat on You, Go with him to see the next Gurl and den when Dey see u, Dey be all up in ur Face like “Heyyy Sissss, Our wify, Iyawo…Whining you all up like “My Guy Love you Die” I’ve never seen him so Loyal to a Girl, You changed him…Blah Blah🧐🧐, the moral of this caption is “My fellow Guys, Our Ladies know of all these tricks already, Dey are only playing along cause Dem want peace… to dem it’s so so 2019…. ”