Your Music Has Been Wack Since You Left Psquare: Fan Tells Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye
Peter Okoye

A twitter user with the handle @philips_nonny had accused Peter Okoye aka Mr P. of releasing not up to par since he left Psquare.

The fan accused Mr P of not minding his business but rather competing with his brother with whom he had broken up.

The fan then went on to advised the singer to go back to his brother to learn how to make quality music and not the substandard songs, he has been releasing since the group broke up.

The fan wrote: To be frank bro..u are not minding ur(your) business..u are obviously competing with ur(your) brother..u need to go back to him, learn how to make quality/ good music…not all these yeyeye shits u v been releasing since u guys separated… #mrp #nepa

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Peter Okoye aka MrP, a former member of the defunct PSquare group, had taken to Twitter to explain how he now enjoys peace of mind since he left the group which he formed with his brother.

The singer was not expecting the jabs coming his way when the fan replied his tweet with a jab at his work.

Obviously displeased with the unsolicited advice, he called the fan out immediately, describing the fan as broke.

He said: Broke people thinking they have opinion 🤣😂🤣😂 hustle make you no go dey advice Dangote how to do business. 🤣😂 chai!


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