20-Year-Old Ghanaian Transgender Shares Her Story (Video)


Popular Ghanian transgender Ohemartin bornMartin Hughes has spone on being transgender in Ghana.

According to Ohemartin who was born Martin Hughes, she realized who she was at the age of seven.

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“I caught myself in a role I didn’t want to play anymore at the age of 7. The vibe of the boys was annoying. I think it was toxic for me because I felt like a boy playing with girls.

“At the age of 7, makeup wasn’t a big deal. It was all about the girl talks, the barbies and the girl clothes. It was fun,” Martin Hughes said.

“High School was the trouble. That was stress. The real hard life because I went to a boys school. I was in Mfantsipim School and it was stressful.

“It was a hypocritical system. You have boys telling you stuff, proposing to you and all but in the eye of the public, they will be judging you.

“I didn’t see it as a problem because you’re in the closet. I know you’re hiding and that’s your problem.”