2020: Alex Unusual Releases Her New Year Resolution

Alex Unusual
Alex Unusual

As the new year begins, former Big Brother Nigeria housemate, Alex Unusual has joined the norms by releasing her new year resolution.

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She made this known via her official Instagram page on 1st January 2020.

She wrote:


1: It’s you and yourself against the world.
2: Give as long as you can share. Watch it multiply and come back
3: Sleep early, it helps.
4: Less social media, more personal growth
5: It’s never over till you say so, keep pushing.
6: If you listen to 10 people, you’ll live like 10 people and that’s multiple personalities. Those ten people will still live like themselves. So who will live like you ? Nobody. You’ll just end up killing your personality. Do you.
7: Everything happens for a reason.
8: Expect less or nothing from people, you’ll hardly ever be disappointed.
9:keep your plans to yourself.
10: Nobody really hates you. They just don’t think the same way you do, they haven’t been through the same phases, different upbringing and a lot more. The don’t understand.
Cross over in/with peace. Spread love and happiness. Happy new year in a bit.



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