Aisha Abimbola’s Son Speaks On Being Maltreated By Lola Alao (Video)

Lase, the first son of late actress, Aisha Abimbola, has spoken up and denied claims that his foster mom, Lola Alao has been maltreating himself and his sister.

Aisha Abimbola, Lola Alao and the children
Aisha Abimbola, Lola Alao and the children

After Alao had debunked the rumour on Iyabo Ojo’s live video, Lase decided to shed more light on the issue saying,

“…I am fine ma…Mummy bought me a phone…ma, can I talk to all the people talking bad about my mummy cos it is not true….”

Iyabo Ojo cuts in “No, you don’t need to, you are too young to join in this live video, if I had known you were the one, I wouldn’t have picked….you owe no one any explanations….how are you? Are you happy? Is your sister happy?”

“Yes ma, I am happy…my sister is happy, we are happy, see her playing there” the young boy responds.

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Watch the video below:


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