Angry Pope Francis Slaps Woman Who Grabbed Him While He Greeted Pilgrims (Video)

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

In a video shared on the Internet, the hilarious moment where Pope Francis rebuked a lady has been captured.

In the video, the holy man was seen totally expressing his disgust at an unidentified lady who may just have nothing but good intentions.

While she also held his hand and tried to pull him towards her, the spiritual leader yanked her away in disgust.

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It was also gathered that this happened at the new year eve’s celebration at the Vatican.

Watch The Video Here:


  1. In my own view/opinion the woman might be thinking of touching the Pope in faith for a miracle, just as it happened in the days our Lord Jesus Christ. But considering the way people usually misconstrue issues of this nature (when servants of God get involved with ladies) I think the Pope was right by rebuking her but going the extent of slapping is wrong.


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