Apologizing To Your Kids Is Wrong – Nigerian Man

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A Nigerian man on Twitter, Usman has taken to his page to recount his experience with a man on his way to Abuja.

According to Usman, he left his home very early without talking to his kids and while in transit, his wife called to tell him his kids wanted to speak with him.

Usman went on to speak with his kids then apologized that he had to leave before they woke up.

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His discussion got another man on the train interested, this man then went on to argue against apologizing to kids as this makes them feel entitled when they grow up.

Read the story below;

”I left the house at 6am before the kids woke up so that I could catch the 1st train back to Abuja. While I was in transit my wife called. The kids had woken up & wanted to speak to me. I apologized to them for leaving without saying goodbye. I didn’t want to wake them.”



  1. You are a wonderful and precious father. l doff my cap for you. Many parents lack this wisdom because they are brought up by parents who are mouse and cats at home. Anytime we apologies when we are wrong, it heals wounds and life continues with peace and happiness at home. But when we refuse to apologies we become irresponsible parents in the society. Even God Almighty expect us to say we are sorry when we do things wrong. Apology and forgiveness are two great medicine that heals wounds fast,no matter how deep the cut is. We must all learn to apologies when the need arises