BBNaija Khloe Calls Nigerians Hypocrites For Mourning Kobe Bryant

Big Brother Naija star, Khloe took to her Instagram page to describe Nigerians as hypocrites for mourning basketball legend, Kobe Bryant and his daughter.

BBNaija's Khloe
BBNaija’s Khloe

The reality star expressed that Nigerians don’t care about people within their vicinity rather bother about people who are far away.

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The reality star joins fellow reality star, Thelma and popular comedian, Mr. Jollof in describing Nigerians as hypocrites over their mourning of the American basketball legend.

The reality star although expressed that there is nothing wrong in mourning, urged Nigerians to be more compassionate to their countrymen.

See her post below:

Khloe’s post


  1. I agree that Nigerians who “mourned” far away Kobe Bryant are hypocritical but not with the suggestion they dont care about those close by. Before one can truly mourn another, one must have established emotional links or close association. None of these applies to ANY Nigerian. Kobe did not even know Nigeria not to mention it’s people. I won’t mourn Donald Trump!.

  2. Na waoooooooo. People are complaining over a dead person simple because others are sympathizing Complain will not raise him neither will it stop millions of people to send in their condolence Williams Shakespeare said and l quote. “Heavens make known the death of Princes. Who are earthly people when heavens decides to do something. Walter if you are praying for the
    death of Trump than you better pray hard so that grave you have dug for him you will not enter. A word is enough for a wise.