Bovi Slams Twitter User Who ‘Missed The Joke’ On Tacha’s Fans

Comedian Bovi
Comedian Bovi

Nigerian comedian Bovi has slammed a Twitter influencer who didn’t get a joke he made about Tacha’s fans being responsible for his unsuccessful visa application.

It all began after comedian Bovi was asked what he would do if he wakes up as the President of Nigeria and he joked that he would “declare Marlians and Titans as terrorist organizations.”

Following his joke, he returned to Twitter to make another joke about his visa application being rejected and he blamed Titans for it.

He tweeted: “The US embassy rejected my visa application this morning. These Titans are everywhere!”

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A Twitter influencer, who is also a fan of Tacha, responded and asked Bovi what Titans have got to do with his unsuccessful visa application. He went on to accuse Bovi of seeking attention with Tacha’s name.

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Between Bovi and Twitter User
Bovi’s Reply


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