CAN Declares 3 Days National Fasting For Nigeria

CAN President Samson Ayokunle
CAN President Samson Ayokunle

The Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) has declared 3-days national fasting and prayer for Nigeria. The Christian body declared Friday, 31st January to February as the days chosen for the special day.

The body then enjoined all Nigerian home and abroad to join in the spiritual exercise so as to cleanse the country of innocent bloodshed.

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This was made known by the chairman of CAN, His Eminence Dr. Samson Ayokunle who said the fasting and the prayer are for the gruesome killing of innocent Nigerians to stop.


  1. Enough of all this religious sentimental bullshit, we dont need any prayer and fasting wat we need is to use our head an find logical solution to the security issue I the country, british don finish africa with religious .


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