Cries Of Those Killed Unjustly Giving Us Sleepless Nights: Reps


House of Reps
House of Reps Members

The house of representatives says the cries of the people that have lost their lives due to the ravaging insecurity in the country are giving them sleepless nights.

According to Benjamin Kalu, spokesman of the green chamber, said lawmakers can no longer discuss Nigeria’s insecurity problems in hushed voices and “paint the situation with beautiful colours”.

“The insecurity in the land is much; it is alarming.

“We can no longer paint it with beautiful colours. We can no longer discuss about it in low tones. The cries of the people that have lost their lives are giving us sleepless nights. Something need to be done about it.”

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He said the lower legislative chamber have resolved to using different legislative interventions to ensure that Nigerians are safe, “better than they have always been.”

“Because that is a core mandate of every government — to protect lives and property. If we don’t protect lives, who are we structuring our governance for,” he added.

He however expressed confidence in the police, saying they can handle the internal crises in the country.

“The recent report we are getting shows the police is capable of handling our internal security,” he said.

“There are some success stories from what they are currently doing. We are going to use legislative interventions to support them the more as well as the other armed forces.”


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