Don’t Take Your Marital Problems To Your Pastor, Many Of Them Are Not Happy

photo of a wedding ring
photo of a wedding ring

Empress Gifty Adorye, a multi-award winning gospel singer has advised her fans not to take their marital problems to their pastors because most clergies are not even happy in their marriages.

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Speaking during a live television interview, she further stated that most of them only use their members’ problems to console themselves.

She said:

“I tell you, even they, their marriages are on fire, so they use your problems to console themselves. Most of them have problems, most of them have divorced their wives secretly that many people don’t know. A lot of them have problems but because of the fame they have, it’s so hard for them to come public. Most of them have problems, what they put out in church with their wives are all an act, pretence, they pretend a lot.”.


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