EFCC Freezes Shehu Sani’s Bank Accounts

Shehu Sani
Shehu Sani

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has reportedly frozen the bank accounts of former lawmaker, Shehu Sani.

In a statement on Sunday, Suleiman Ahmed, senior special adviser to the former Kaduna Central senator, said Sani was “forced to declare his assets”.

The ex-senator’s spokesperson alleged also that the anti-graft agency has been very bias in handling Sani’s case.

The aide, who listed 11 questions for the agency to answer, asked why the anti-graft agency has not detained Sani’s accuser “who admitted to giving bribe” and why it has not invited “Alhaji Samaila Isa Funtua who was mentioned in the frame up against Shehu Sani?”

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“Mr. Orilade, what is the connection between allegations of extortion of $25,000 and then searching his residence, blocking his accounts and forcing him to declare his assets?” he asked the EFCC.

He also asked; “What can you say on the allegation that the accuser of Shehu Sani can neither read nor write; that it was the EFCC that guided him on what to say?

“We have in (it) on record that Shehu Sani’s accuser has no pending case with the Supreme Court, how comes did he give (gave) Shehu Sani bribe to give the CJN?

“We have it on record that Shehu Sani’s accuser has no pending or ongoing case with the EFCC, how come did he give Shehu Sani bribe to give the EFCC or its chairman?

The CJN denied the bribe allegations and Shehu Sani denied the bribe allegations, where did Tony Orilade get his fact?

It is not enough posting statement about Shehu Sani. If you have any evidence or fact, why not post it now?

You said people defending Shehu Sani are doing it for pecuniary gain, are you defending EFCC for free?

Shehu Sani petitioner said $24,000 and you said $25,000, are you the one that added $1,000

Mr. Toni Orilade should stop lying and threatening people. If you have any cheque or draft or anything to show please do so.