How My Body Has Opened Doors For Me: Actress Biodun Okeowo

Nollywood Actress Biodun Okeowo
Nollywood Actress Biodun Okeowo

Actress Biodun Okeowo also known as ‘Omoborty’ has recounted how her curvy body opened doors for her in an interview with Saturday Beats.

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According to the screen diva, she was initially shy of her curves until the advent of social media.

Her words:

“At times I had to wear like two tights under anything I was putting on just because I didn’t want my posterior to shake. But the advent of social media boosted my confidence. I started seeing people boldly flaunting their curves.

“I also learnt how to work on my shape via this medium. Then, I used to regret my shape but now, I’m so proud of it. I look at myself in the mirror and I thank God and my mother for this.”

“Career-wise, I think my physique helped me. I remember that last year when I was on set, someone said, I was no more active as an actress because of my business engagements. The person also said if it was not for my shape, they wouldn’t have called me. I was shocked by those casual words. But in Nigeria, one needs to be there, if not, one’s business would be mismanaged.”