‘I Am Lazy And Can’t Do Anything Else’ – Ghanaian Socialite Queen Farcadi

Queen Farcadi
Popular Ghanaian Sex Worker Queen Farcadi

Ghanaian socialite, Queen Farcadi, has revealed that laziness made her go into being an escort.

Appearing on the Delay Show, she dismissed the presenter’s opinion that suggest someone influenced her to be an escort for men.

The socialite said “It’s my decision, it’s like you are lazy and don’t want to work so you have to use your body to get what you want … I am a lazy girl”

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She also added that she has never tried working before but she has realized that she isn’t cut for that for she is very lazy.


  1. Nobody is created to be lazy on this earth. You chose the path of laziness that leads to being an escort and using your body as a excuse. Continue . You are lazy yet still you sat down for hours to tattoo your body and you cant sit down for hours to do some job. Na waoooooooooooooooooooo


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