Lady Narrates How Mum Snatched Her Husband, Delivered A Baby For Him (Photo)

British Lady Narrates How Mom Stole Husband
The British Lady, Lauren

A British lady who lost her husband to her own mother who then had a child for him has said she will never forgive her.

The heartbroken lady identified as Lauren Wall, 34, from Twickenham, south-west London reportedly married the man when she was only 19.

While they were preparing for their wedding at that time, Lauren’s mother reportedly paid £15,000 to support her dream wedding, and also joined the couple on vacation.

According to Lauren, her mother and her now ex-husband got along so much that she couldn’t suspect that they were having an affair.  But her biggest shock came, when Paul decided to move out and nine months later, her mother Julie gave birth to his child announcing they were together.

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Speaking in an interview with Daily Mail, Lauren said: Paul always got on really well with mum. I never thought it strange though, as she was his mum-in-law and he was just being friendly. They’d laugh a lot together. I didn’t think to be worried at all. Who would?’ I couldn’t wait to settle into marriage but the ink was barely dry on our certificate when Paul changed.’

British Lady Narrates How Mom Stole Her Husband
Lauren’s Mum and Ex-husband

Lauren also disclosed how his sister saw text messages between her mom and her estranged husband. When Lauren confronted her mother, she denied there was anything going on saying, ‘You’re crazy.’

As things got out of hand between the pair, Paul stopped wearing his wedding ring and walked out on Lauren and their seven-month-old daughter.

Sharing her first reaction when she heard that her man had moved in with her mum, said: ‘It was sick. It’s one of the worst things a mum can do to a daughter.’



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