Nigerians Drag Mr Jollof Over His Kobe Bryant Video

Mr Jollof
Mr Jollof

Nigerians have taken to social media to drag comedian Mr Jollof after he released a now-deleted video slamming Kobe Bryant for his lifestyle.

According to the comedian, Kobe Bryant’s lifestyle killed him.

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Nigerians have now taken to social media to drag the comedian with some wishing him death.

Read some comments below;

”Mr Jollof is just ignorant and unexposed. Claims Kobe and Leicester city owner both bought what killed them – their lifestyle killed them. I wonder how he gets to Lagos from Delta state. He made that video inside a car too.”

”If Mr Jollof dies from a car accident, no one should feel bad. His lifestyle of driving killed him. Why didn’t he just walk?”

”That Mr Jollof felt the need to use someone’s death, a family’s pain as lesson of the day on the same day a life was lost is one of the most insensitive/wicked move by any human.”




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