Nnamdi Kanu Is Using Biafra To Scam Gullible Igbos: Gov Umahi


IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu
IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu

The Governor of Ebony State, David Umahi says the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu is a deceiver.

According to the Governor, Nnamdi Kanu is using his Biafra cause to defraud gullible Igbo people.

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He said, “Our people are being deceived to spend huge among of money to finance what they know nothing about while Nnamdi Kanu spend it on his personal issues.”

He said Kanu has resorted to using cheap lies and blackmails against his government on social media to gain the empathy from some Igbos, asking the public to disregard such information.

The Governor said he had to respond to the IPOB leader so as to let the public know his new antics, and be wary of him.

He said IPOB is acting like a dying horse, having now realised that their fraudulent activities in the name of IPOB have been exposed and that Kanu is being used to destabilise Ndigbo by deceiving people into believing that he can give them Biafra.”


  1. You see I’m disappointed in this your news let me tell you Nnamdi kanu can walk freely in biafra Land but you useless governor devil Umahi cannot why you don’t have the support of your state you are just there by Mel Rigging that’s how you are there so stop sounding stupid you are a foolish you think that Nnamdi kanu somebody like you who leaked the ass of fulanis you are a stupid man

  2. You are been deceived to think that igbos do not know what they need, a country to call our own and that is BIAFRA, our pride. We will be better off I know that. We need not go abroad to enjoy everything good just like you foolish nigerians.

  3. My questiones goes to this unreasonable Governor umahi , did nnamdi kanu by anytime ask you for money? ipob is not nnamdi kanu affair it is the indigenous affair so get the fuck out of our struggle!!! and keep quiet.
    what did you say when the federal government called us terrorist? if we can overcome that name terrorist what more can you call us? my advice for you is to calculate/number your days in office and then plan where to run too because no king rule forever.
    solemani of IRAN was a terrorist and a full time support of terrorism by the united state. you are of no difference of solemani cos you supported the killing of your own people. Biafrans are coming for you.