Presidency’s Response Proves APC Has Truly Become Comatose: PDP


The Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) says the presidency’s reaction to its statement concerning the All Progressives Congress(APC) further proves that the APC has become comatose.

This comes after the presidency in a statement on Thursday said that PDP represents the biggest obstacle to good governance and change.

Reacting to the statement, PDP said that President Muhammadu Buhari has “abandoned governance to engage in threnody for his dysfunctional APC.”

The statement read thus: “The PDP says the vituperation by the Presidency in desperate defence of the fizzling APC, is a further confirmation that the APC has become comatose.”

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“The Presidency’s response to the PDP further shows that President Buhari has abandoned governance to engage in threnody for his dysfunctional APC.”

“Our party also notes that a reading of the reaction from the Presidency further strengthens the fact that the Buhari’s administration has become uncoordinated and ill-equipped for governance.”


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