Russian Couple Arrested In Thailand For Having Sex On A Beach

Russian Tourist
The couple

Police on Saturday, arrested and fined two Russian couples who were filmed having sex on Pattaya Beach, Thailand in broad daylight.

The incident took place in front of stunned onlookers during the early hours of 28 December near the entrance to Soi 13.

The clip was then shared to social media with locals calling on police to locate the foreigners involved.

Following that, the police announced the arrest of a 26-year-old man Roman Grigorenko and his 19-year-old girlfriend Daria Vinogradova after tracking them down.

Police said the couple, who admitted to being the people in the clip, were tracked down to a hotel in the city and brought to the Pattaya police station.

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They were charged with conducting an embarrassing and pornographic act in public and fined 5,000 baht each – the highest possible fine for the offence.

Speaking in their defence, the couple hinted that they were heavily intoxicated.