Stop Celebrating Nigeria’s Enemies: Tunde Bakare Warns Nigerians

Tunde Bakare
Tunde Bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare, Senior Pastor of Latter Rain Assembly has asked Nigerians to stop celebrating enemies of the country.

The cleric said this during the first Sunday Thanksgiving Service of the year at the Citadel, also known as the Latter Rain Church in Ikeja.

He said, “The Nigerian Government should be ready to confront the true enemies of our nation and to free Nigerian people of the greed of our oppressors.

“We must stop referring to treasury looters as generous and noble. These are the true enemies of Nigeria no matter the title they wear.

“We must indeed, stop celebrating these enemies of our nation,” he said.

The cleric added that those that champion and fight for democracy are not the enemies of the country, rather, they are heroes.

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“The true enemies are found at every level of government from the local to the state and to the federal.

“They can also be found on the streets, in households and in the market places.

“The enemies of our nation are those who abduct, murder, sell their votes, partake in loots and many more,” he said.


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