Stop Seeking Validation From People Who Do Not Have Their Own Lives Together – Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike
Socialite Pretty Mike

Socialite and club owner Pretty Mike is of the opinion that in this new year, people need to stop seeking validation from others.

According to Pretty Mike, many people seek validation from people who themselves do not have their lives together.

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”Stop Looking for Validation from others in the way you should think,speak and act in ur day to day life, Because 90% of the people telling you how you should do so, doesn’t have it all together demselves, we all have areas we can work on…nobody is perfect but God himself 🙏🏽… 2019 has been a very blessed and challenging year, With Loads of Love and lessons….comes 2020 we break all records and achievements IJN 🙏🏽 #CuttingTagsForFun #Versace #Bentley #PabloWay #MontanaWay #GustavoWay 🔥 #Secured

Pretty Mike


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