Two Weeks After Marriage, Imam Discovers He Married A Man

Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba and the suspect
Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba and the suspect

A respected Imam named Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba in Kayunga District, Uganda was left shell shocked when he discovered that the woman he married barely two weeks turned out to be a man.

According to reports, he was said to have married the said wife, Ms Swabullah Nabukeera briefly after meeting in the mosque with no sexual intercourse.

Also, during the period of the marriage, the supposed wife claimed to be menstruating.

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However, luck ran out of her when after one of their neighbours claimed he saw the newly wedded wife jumping over a wall to his valuables.

The neighbour then reported at the police station before detectives were dispatched to arrest Ms Nabukeera.

The neighbour while giving his own account said:

“It was when he was been searched by a female officer that the suspect had stacked clothes in the bra to hoodwink that they were breasts. On further search, we discovered that the suspect had male genitals.”


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