Wendy Williams And Kevin Hunter Officially Divorced


Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter
Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter

Talk show host Wendy Williams is officially a single woman,

Wendy filed for divorce from husband of 22-years, Kevin Hunter, 48, in April 2019 and on Tuesday, their divorce now officially finalized.

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On who gets what after the divorce, Wendy’s New Jersey home which she shared with Kevin and was recently put up for sale will be split 50/50 when it sells.

Their home in Florida, will go to the talk-show host while Kevin gets the rights to their second New Jersey home in Morristown, which he recently sold.

The divorce also sees their production company split down the middle with 50/50 ownership.

However, Kevin is asking Wendy to pay him a lump sum for his share as well as a severance package.

The exes will not have to deal with child support or custody battles as their son, Kevin Jr. Hunter, is 19-years-old.

Wendy dumped Kevin after his affair with massage therapist, Sharina Hudson, 33, was exposed back in April.



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