Why Nigerians Should Not Like Donald Trump – Georgina Onuoha


Nollywood Georgina Onuoha
Georgina Onuoha

Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha is of the opinion that Nigerians should not like President Donald Trump as the president hates blacks and should not be considered a messiah.

The actress made this known in the wake of news that Nigeria might be included in a travel ban list by the US.

Georgina Onuoha shares:

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In her words;

“Dear Nigerians before you keep wasting your hard earn money looking for US visas, it should be known that @realdonaldtrump detest Blacks and Nigerians in particular. So before you believe he is your messiah, go to the US state department page and read. Your country Nigeria that was once placed on terrorist list, is been considered as one of the country’s listed by trump to ban issuing of visas to. .

It is no breaking news that the drump administration has been defrauding Nigerians for 3 years now by collecting visas fees and barely issuing visas to Nigerians.
The saddest part is that we have a failed state nation called “ Nigeria 🇳🇬 “ where our government refuse to address the pressing issues facing average Nigerians. Abject poverty is prevalent, corruption is an epidemic, nepotism and tribalism is the order of the day, while our ministry of foreign affairs remain mute as trump administration defrauds it citizens through fraudulent visas actions.

So read this carefully before wasting your money applying for US visas. . .

If your government can not help you, you might as well contact Mike Pompeo @secpompeo The over bloated bigot running the US state department .
The Trump administration is planning to add seven countries – Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania – to its travel ban list, U.S. media reports said on Tuesday.

Currently travel is banned from Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria and Yemen – all but one of them Muslim-majority.

Now administration is considering adding Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania.

Nigeria is majority Muslim but by a slim margin, Tanzania is majority Christian while Belarus is overwhelmingly Christian.

Myanmar is majority Buddhist and Muslims from the Rohingya minority have been persecuted in the country.

Countries being considered are said to have failed to meet State Department standards on biometrics, information-sharing and counter-terrorism measures.”


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