Why You Shouldn’t Dump Vital Documents In Dustbins: DCP Disu

Nigeria Police Force
Nigeria Police Force

Deputy Commissioner of Police and Commander of Rapid Response Squad in Lagos State, DCP Tunji Disu, has advised against dumping important documents in the dustbin.

The Deputy police commissioner in his advise said documents which contain personal information should be shredded before being dumped in the dustbin.

Documents he referred to, include; bank statements, utility bills, old signed Cheques, used boarding passes after use and so on.

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The DCP revealed via his Twitter handle said that bin raiders search the bins, steal vital information and use them for fraud.

“Your DUSTBIN as a goldmine for fraudsters. Average dustbins contain bank statements, utility bills, old signed Cheques, Documents with full names, addresses, phone nos, dates of birth, bank Accts, sort codes. Bin raiders search ur bins, steal your vital info for fraud. Guard your info jealously,” he said.


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