Woman Sells Her Husband For N6000 To Buy Clothes For Her Children

Edna Mukwana and children
Edna Mukwana and children

A Kenyan woman identified as Edna Mukwana has reportedly sold off her husband to his mistress, The Standard reports.

According to reports, she was said to have contacted the mistress to pay her Ksh 200 to keep the husband after catching him in bed with the said mistress.

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The mistress was said to have sent her Ksh 1700(N 6000) which she said she used to buy clothes for her children.

The Kenyan woman said:

” My husband is married to alcohol and whoring around. I told the woman who has been misleading him to send me Ksh 2000 but she sent me Ksh 1700 instead. I have used all the money to buy new year clothes for my children”

And when asked if she will accept him back, Mukwana said;

”I can’t. I don’t want to get into the new year with the 2019 nuisance”


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