An Investment That Pays Upfront; An Expose On The New Investment Product From Horizon Estates

Get Up To N5.46M ROI After 12 Months and A BuyBack Guarantee on Purchase of Their 4 Bed Duplexes By Lekki Phase 1 At N33m

The new decade kicked off with a lot of uncertainty as investors were on the hunt for viable investment options following the crash of the money market as interest rates were slashed which in turn affected all financial instruments. The question on everyone’s lip has been, ‘’where can I invest my money’’?

Horizon Estates; one of Nigeria’s leading and reputable real estate companies has just launched to willing and savvy investors, their new investment product. This product has been described to be the most secure, guaranteed and highest yielding investment in terms of returns. The Horizon Estates Buy Back Investment product comprises of a N5.46M return on investment paid upfront, a refund of your initial capital and the option to buy back the homes from all interested investors. 

Over the years, Horizon Estates has successfully delivered laudable luxurious homes to their investors that are not only the epitome of luxury living but are continuous revenue generators for them. Their new Buy Back Investment Product will provide the highest level of returns in the financial market to all those who key into it. 


    1. Entry Price– Outright Entry price into this investment is N33 Million for a 4 Bed Duplex by Lekki Phase 1. You may make payment of your deposit over 2/ 3 instalments over a 2/3 month period and have your interest be split within the agreed time. On completion of payment, you will receive your N5.46M interest on your investment upfront. This means that you will receive N5, 461, 500 instantly on completion of payment. 
    2. It is a Secure & Guaranteed Investment- Unlike financial instruments that are highly unpredictable and susceptible to changes in interest rates, homes in Horizon Estates are a secure and guaranteed avenue for wealth generation. With an instant N5.46M ROI paid upfront, you are guaranteed to enjoy the returns on your investment. 
    3. Affordability & Value Appreciation– Horizon Estate Homes cost 55% lower than other competitors within the same locality with an appreciation rate of 30% annually while continuing to increase in value in the market generating stable revenue to all those who invest. 
    4. Quality, Expertise & Experience– With numerous years in the real estate game and a number of several completed projects such as Horizon Heights, Cyberville, Horizon Experience and the just recently launched Horizonville, Horizon Estates have mastered the art of delivering luxurious homes to all. Partnering with expert professionals across the globe, design, construction and interior decoration is set to match even European standards. 


  • Pay Out Formula- On payment completion, investors provide them with the preferred account details or a cheque is issued for your interest payable 7 days after payment is acknowledged. Their trustees will write you guaranteeing the refund of your funds at the expiration of 12 months or at any point with a 45-day request period. At the end of your 1 year investment period with Horizon Estates, you will receive your initial deposit. 


With the financial market only providing a 5.2% return on investment, a home with Horizon Estates is the wiser choice for the 21st-century investor as the 30% annual appreciation on your 4-bed duplex will buy an additional 2 or 3 other homes in 3 years’ time. With no other higher interest rate currently available on the market, the N5.46M instant ROI and initial capital refund by Horizon Estates is the juiciest deal in the asset investment industry. 





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