Banker’s Wife Impregnated By Lesson Teacher Husband Hired For Their Kids

Felicia Adikwu,
Felicia Adikwu,

A married woman who has been identified as Felicia Adikwu, has gotten tongues wagging after news surfaced that she was impregnated by her children’s lesson teacher.

According to reports, Felicia who holds a diploma in Public Administration from the state polytechnic, and married to Mr. Joseph Adikwu, has been married for nine years and and have two kids, aged 7 and 5.

However, in July 2019, after Joseph resumed duty in Gombe, leaving his family behind in Lafia, he employed the services of an extramural teacher, one Monday Ugo, to teach their kids extra lessons.

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Things changed when Monday allegedly decided to switch the period of the lesson from 5:30 pm to 4 pm, this period saw the kids having a one-hour church activities from 4 pm to 5 pm thus giving Monday and Felicia time to frolick around and ultimately pregnant.

Speaking on the issue, Joseph said: “I came back on leave only to find my wife pregnant for my children’s lesson teacher. This has torn my world apart, completely. Words cannot describe my agony, my own wife confessing before me that she is four-month pregnant for a jobless lesson teacher?” he lamented with a tinge of bitterness in his voice.

Then he adds: “It is the cruelest betrayal in my entire life. My wife is a big disappointment and I don’t think I will forgive her. I felt utterly duped and cheated when she opened her mouth and told me that my absence made her seek sexual satisfaction and it resulted in this. It is an embarrassment to me and to think that this happened just after few months of my absence! You mean, my wife could not endure and decided to find another man just for sexual satisfaction? I hate myself.”

Felicia on the other hand had this to say “My husband was in the habit of coming up with excuses on why he could not have sex with me before he left for Gombe. He and I had not had intercourse for quite some time before he was transferred. Anytime I confronted him on this, he would tell me that he was too busy in the office or tired from work to have sex. Anytime we discussed our sex life, he would find an excuse to give on why it cannot be then but next weekend or after he was through with a particular project he was handling. But those deadlines would come and go without him fulfilling his promise or commenting on why he did not. Things continued this way until he left for Gombe.

“Before he left, I stopped trying to initiate sex with him because the constant rejection was also affecting my psyche or self-image. Other than sex, my husband and I are on the same page on almost every aspect of our lives, and we truly enjoy each other’s company. I love him so much. He is my best friend as well as my lover. I made a mistake. I feel so guilty. I’m deeply sorry for all that happened. I did not mean to do this and I am ready to abort it. I was even planning to do so before his coming but a close friend advised me to convince him that he is responsible. It was while I was trying to give the idea a thought that I delayed the abortion. Then my husband came back to discover it.”

On how she started seeing MondaYy, she said: “I saw myself falling in love with him out of my desire for sex. I needed to admit this because by so doing, who knows, the Lord can touch my husband’s heart to forgive me.

It was actually the devil’s work and I completely accept my fault but my husband shouldn’t have gone public with the matter. I’m ashamed of myself. The incident came to light after the pregnancy started coming out and my husband raised a lot of questions as to who is responsible as both of us had not had sex for some time now. I didn’t know how it happened.

All I can say is that the young guy who is my children’s lesson teacher suddenly found his way into my room at the wee hours and I was speechless. I can’t believe I have done this to my husband. This is one thing I said I would never do. I never thought I would cheat. I love my husband so much and I don’t know what to do. Please, help me plead with him to forgive me.”

he Lesson teacher, Monday, who is now on the run for fear of his dear life slammed claims made by Felicia saying he suddenly found himself in their bedroom and not knowing what to do except to agree to sleep with him.

In his words; “I noticed that she started admiring me the moment I began to teach her children. I noticed her interest in me when she started calling me regularly on the phone to ask me not to eat before coming to her house for the lesson teaching as she had prepared food for me. She actually lured me into having sex with her after convincing me that her husband had stopped sleeping with her for quite some time before leaving for Gombe.

She assured me that nobody would know about it. It is unfortunate that she became pregnant. But when she told me about it, we all agreed that she should abort it but her close friend who connected me to teach her children kept advising her to convince her husband into accepting responsibility for the pregnancy. I know that I have wronged the man. I don’t know how to face him. He has been paying my allowance for teaching his children without delay. I betrayed his trust and, I pray that God will forgive me.”


  1. In as much as I don’t support the woman’s actions, the husband should be blamed for all these for not performing his conjugal duties. Anybody can attack me here but the truth has to be told. When a woman is married, she is attached to the husband alone while men can as a matter of fact frolic around with side chicks. On that note, considering the story, the man was not performing his duty where the wife is, always full of excuses at all times hereby driving the wife into finding satisfaction elsewhere. So Mr banker, blame urself and not ur wife

  2. Comment:Dont blame your wife or the teacher in the first place you denied your wife in bed she need sex and she got it elsewhere. So its your fault, now extra care must to be taken in order to avoid another episode

  3. Hmmm, but this is an adultery, no matter what when you are not a dog, I will blame the woman bcoz she absolutely wrong with her lesson teacher, how can a married woman so cheap herself to the extent of allowing her so call maid penetrating to have sex with her this is rediculous. I blamed the woman, put your self in to the shoe of your husband, let your husband sleeping with so maid you are paying her salary how will you feel, the woman should have keep her self busy to avoid this shit if I were her husband she will go back to her father’s house marriage has ended, bull shit!!

  4. Well .first of Mrs .the solution you embark on is wrong ..and the man is wrong too..both of you are selfish. .the problem I notice with Nigerian couples is they lack proper sex education before marriage ..truth is there is always a period in life where human experienced drop in libido.. and without proper education on this topic they won’t be able to improvised alternative to satisfy each other during this period ……and result is this trend of cheating ..

  5. The lady is a complete professional prostitute. Who does that? Adultery is a bad thing. She should naturally go to the lesson teacher and continue in fornication. A dog will always be a dog, it is just a matter of time. Why is she talking about love? She never loved the man. Eventhough your husband hasn’t slept with you will you die? After all you have a 5years old child to care for. Asahawo 10kobo. The man should send her away says the Bible. The lesson teacher is also a fool. Greedy fellow no wonder he is not gainfully employed, he has been in that business of sleeping with people’s wife till now that nemesis caught up with him. Idiotic beings. Learn to lock ur private part with big key.

  6. The woman was so cheap, we don’t really know why her husband doesn’t sleep with her. Something is wrong here, she was even so dumb trying to give the Pregnancy to her husband who doesn’t sleep with her for some months.

  7. I totally agree on wat Kam said, a prostitute is always a prostitute. When you kip yourself busy with something good and at the same time taking care of your kids you won’t have the urge to indulge into such bullshit. How can a married woman bring herself so low in doing that. The man should go for a DNA test of the children to be sure they are his. Imagine the nonsense this life deep ooo.

  8. She should have reported the matter to their pastor or responsible family members to interfere, rather than committing adultery. It’s never a solution.

  9. This is an abomination, when looking at it thoroughly, the wife in question, is sex addict, woman who can’t stay with having for sometime.

    However, why would she do such an evil act that would make the husband feel somehow?

    The woman doesnt have common sense and she doesn’t love her husband either.

    Nowadays, its very hard to find a good and truthful woman

  10. Comment: Starvation, Excuse, And Absense R D Weapoms D Devil Used In Penetrating Ur Home, It Is Only 4giveness That Can Put D Devil To Shame, Now What Is Going To Happen To Child If D Man Takes Her Back, Wld D Child Be His Or D Lesson Teacher, Pls D Best Thing Is 2 4give And Abort D Child 4 D Sake Of D Children, Men Only Atend To Their Sexual Urge, Bt When D Woman Longs For It D Claim They Tired, So Carry Ur Cross Mr Man It Is 4 Better And 4 Worst, U Want Tell Me Say As U D There U No D Smush Another Yaniya, Swear Make I C,

  11. That her close friend who connected me to teach her children convinced her not to have an abortion.
    The close friend orchestrated the whole thing, she knew the wife’s vulnerability and played her, she will move it after the wife gets kicked out.

  12. It is sad that nobody is talking about the husband that slacks in his responsibility. It means he didn’t touch the woman for more than 4 months!
    That is pure wickedness. The wife is justified.


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