Coronavirus: Comedian Lepacious Bose Reveals What She Will Do As Chinese Man Plans To Host Her

Lepacious Bose
Lepacious Bose

Comedienne Lepacious Bose has taken to social media to reveal that there is a Chinese man in her estate planning to host everyone.

The comedian, while announcing this, said she will be attending the event despite the outbreak of coronavirus in his country.

According to Bose, their estate has a custom where every family hosts others to lunch once a month, and it’s now the turn of the family of the Chinese man who is on his way back to Nigeria from China.

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“See in this season, sitting in your own house alone in peace, drinking water and minding your business is priceless. No be everywhere you must go oooo!!! –

“We have a tradition in the Estate i reside in. A family volunteers to host other estate residents to lunch every 3rd week of each month. It is Mr Li Pin Chen’s family’s turn this February. He is coming back from China next week. As of today, i have been informed that half of the estate’s residents have traveled for Easter in April while some are preparing to travel next week for Sallah coming up in July……and this is still February, something is seriously wrong ooo. Why would people boycott a simple estate lunch ke; usual Mr Chen’s house is always full because we all love and look forward to the Chinese cuisine something dey happen o. …… am here sitting in my house wondering should I go…. as in since others are traveling I will eat well and still take away; after all, all die na die! –
Am thinking coronalically speaking!!! How una see am??? Still siping water slowly”.

Lepacious Bose