Gift: “I Found The Better Life I Was Looking For At Home”

When a friend told Gift it was to travel to Europe and find work she jumped at the opportunity.  

She was a single mother supporting two children, living with her widowed mother and she needed money to survive. But she soon realised the horrors that can face women who travel overseas to find work. 

“Things were so hard that when my friend told me about travelling to Germany, I moved,” Gift said. “We only made it to Libya. I was sold, raped and tortured.”  

When Gift finally made it home, she was able to get vocational training and become a baker. 

“Today I’m a baker in Benin making enough money to take care of my family,” she said. “If I can make it here so can you. I found the better life I was looking for at home.” 

Gift’s story is being highlighted as part of a campaign to help vulnerable young women who are at risk of being trafficked for sexual exploitation. Using the tagline ‘Not for Sale’, the campaign combats human trafficking by raising awareness of the training and job opportunities in Edo and Delta, which are notorious trafficking hotspots. 

The campaign is a result of a partnership between the UK Government and Nigeria’s anti-trafficking authority the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP). 

‘Not for Sale’ takes a new approach to prevent modern slavery by highlighting success stories of women who have succeeded in the country rather than travelling abroad at the risk of compromising their safety and dignity. 

Visit or the Not For Sale Nigeria Facebook page to join NAPTIP in the fight against human trafficking.