Gospel Singer, Tope Alabi Reacts To Criticism Over Her ‘Worldly Dance Moves’ (Video)

Tope Alabi
Gospel Singer Tope Alabi

Nigerian gospel singer Tope Alabi has reacted to criticisms over her “worldly dance” in a video that went viral on social media.

Some social media users who called out the gospel singer said she is deviating from who she was 10 years ago.

A Facebook user, Adeniji Aderogba wrote: “This is Evangelist Tope Alabi oo… What is this world turns to for God sake. The Tope Alabi I knew 10 years ago is totally different from this one. Hmmmm Ogun Esu gbe ‘bon o!”

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However, reacting to the video in an interview on TVC’s “Wakeup Nigeria”, Tope Alabi stated that she needed that dance at that time. According to the gospel singer, she was dancing at her father’s burial and people with “spiritual eyes” will understand its meaning.

Watch The Video Here:



  1. Comment: he’ll Nigeria people will don’t need to criticize tope alabi because know one see source things like this from her before,she has point
    about her daddy burial beside it good more than pretending gospel singer which thought nobody know there way,so this is no two bad her we just need to give her more encourage bcoz of her good legacy is not to be criticizing her

  2. Let me leave my contribution here also.

    It is downgrading to see that Mrs Tope Alabi, did not take time to do this explanations on the internet where the videos were criticized but went on live TV with unbelievers to explain the reason for her show of shame.

    The woman has lost the faith, the burial of a true believer should be a solemn ceremony not a flamboyant event.

    Next time, please advice the woman to keep to abode, communicate with the Lord and make peace with the believers who accuse her of illicit behaviors in the public.

    It is time that judgement must start from the church of God, and if it first start with us, where will sinners and unbelievers be?

    • Are you more righteous than that woman. Stop being jealous. Come to think of it did you know the dance David dance in the Bible that made God to called him the man after his heart

  3. There are none as perfect as God. Let he that is so throw the first stone… I seen the dance everyone deal with grief in their own way. I didn’t find anything disrespectful about the way she danced. Her relationship with God is just that her relationship with God….and does not have to be explained to anyone else. When she give a word or few to the people of God she is doing the job God gave her. She is like everyone else…we all have came short of God’s glory.


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