I Do Not Have Enough Excitement In Me – YBNL Princess, Temmie Ovwasa

Temmie Ovwasa
Temmie Ovwasa

Nigerian singer and former YBNL act Temmie Ovwasa has shared a bit about her teenage years.

According to the singer, she hated her smile as many people made her feel too conscious of her gap tooth.

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In her words;

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I spent a significant part of my teenage years hating my smile, somehow it morphed into an inability to smile or laugh consciously (also, I don’t owe anyone a smile) but i was told a couple of times to close my gap ( a lot of people don’t know I have this because I hardly smile).
I’m glad I didn’t get braces,lol.. I still won’t be smiling in pictures because I don’t have enough excitement in me to conjure up a perfect fake smile but this post is for those who make it their duty to police bodies and point out “flaws”.
Kiss my hyperpigmented ass✌🏿”


Temmie Ovwasa


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