If Fake Life Is Making You Buy 2019 Range Rover, Won’t You Fake It Too? Bobrisky Asks Fans


Controversial crossdresser, Idris Okuneye also known as Bobrisky has thrown it open to his fans that if fake life makes them acquire the latest Range Rover, own a house in Lekki and fly first class, won’t they also fake it.

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The controversial figure sent out the question via her Instagram page in reaction to a series of accusations that her luxurious living is fake.

She wrote:

“My people let me ask you all a honest question 😂😂😂😂😂. Don’t laugh pls. If fake life is making you buy Range Rover 2019, flying first class, own house in lekki biko won’t you fake it too ? Lmao”


  1. Remember that your soul doesn’t belong to you. What shall it profit you to gain all the world and lose your soul. Return back to your right mind. Please

  2. What exactly is your line of business? What is the value you are adding to society? Dressing and behaving like a woman is entirely your personal business, what value does that put on the market shelf for me by way of goods and/or services. How does it expand the economic options for Nigerians and so move us out of grinding poverty. You represent and glorify the consumptive consumption values ravaging Nigeria, while encouraging reference to you by the media as a “her” without any evidence that you have legally changed your registered sex at birth. What do you represent to Nigerians? Hard work? Hard work in what sense? Or sexual perversity and homosexuality? Polluting our traditional values and culture with aliens values and culture? Exactly where do you stand?


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