Ighalo: My Mother Cried When I Told Her About My Move To Manchester United


Odion Ighalo
Odion Ighalo

Ngerian International, Odion Ighalo has revealed that his mum cried after learning about his dream move to Manchester United.

Speaking in an interview with Manchester United official website on Monday, he further revealed that he took a paycut to make the move materialize.

“I was excited. I called my mum and she was happy, crying and all that,” Ighalo told Man United media team.

“This is your dream and all that and I’m happy for you. It was dramatic, I didn’t sleep through, I was very happy that finally, we got the deal done.”

“Yeah, it was very dramatic. My agent called me the day before and said Man United.”

The Ajegunle-bred footballer said he had a few other clubs calling, but he was set to fulfil his dreams with United.

“I would love to go. A few other clubs had shown interest, I said please, just pick United, if it’s going to be possible,” he added.

“At 11pm in Shanghai, my agent called me [to say] that United want to do the deal, so I woke up that night and started looking for a translator to go to the directors’ room and hit his door and all that. My agent wants to speak to you, United are coming for me, you have to make this happen and all that you know.

“So they started talking and discussing. I didn’t sleep throughout that night, because it was going to end at 7am, Shanghai time, and the transfer [window] is going to close there.

“So, from 11pm, there was paperwork, negotiating and all that, for the loan deal and all that, so we are talking and other teams are calling them, wanting me, but I told my agent that this is what I want. I want to come here. He said you’re going to get a pay-cut to go to United.

“I said I don’t care. Make this deal happen. I want to go to United. I don’t care how much is the pay-cut, I know that, make it happen. So the director and everybody didn’t know what to say anymore, because I had already made up my mind, so my agent started putting it in order, and, at 5am, we finished.

“My agent said he’d forwarded all the papers to United, they will confirm for me if everything is okay. I think, around 5am-6am, he said everything is okay, it’s done.”