Leave That Relationship If You Can Not Cope With Your Cheating Partner – Dolapo Badmus

Dolapo Badmus
Popular Nigerian Police Officer, Dolapo Badmus

Lagos Police PRO Dolapo Badmus has reacted to the death sentence of Maryam Sanda.

Recall Maryam was sentenced to death by hanging for murdering her husband back in 2017.

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Reacting to the court judgement, Dolapo advised people to leave their relationship if they can not handle their partner’s cheating.

In her words;

Ladies, If you are married or you are in a relationship! Avoid checking your husband’s/partner’s phone! Someone once told me that hardly will you find a Nigeria man that doesn’t cheat. But does it mean all Nigerian men cheats?! So what is the essence of checking a phone that will aggravate your Bp, cause you sadness and make you put up a fight that might turn deadly?!”

“Why?! Always imagine it that you are the only one in his life and every other person is a counterfeit….if you know you don’t have strength to withstand any negativity you find on his phone please don’t check! To avoid what can cause havoc! If you can’t cope please separate, after separation if you still cannot cope please divorce…..Don’t let what they will tag “simple” shatter your life and turn you to a murderer…..Domestic violence is dangerous! Avoid it! If you are encountering domestic violence and you need help please dial *6820#”